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Renting Services


        The major developments in the construction and cartography sectors and the investment increases the need for topographic measuring instruments.

     As a result of these developments, our company has developed topographic measuring instruments range. Also we have eliminated the loss of the financing and time by bringing these reforms to the sector.



Technical Service


Our company has been giving service for a long time in the cartography and construction sectors.

       By developing the technical service we give, we have made it more compatible with quality standards.

Our technical service given in our  company includes electronic and mechanical measuring  instruments such as GPS, Total station, Laser, Theodolite, Level.




Calibration Service


Our company gives calibration services with TSE certified collimator (two-axis in horizontal and three-axis in vertical) and the test devices.
      With the Collimator system, all the land measuring instruments are controlled in different angles and axes.







  Our company is authorized to give the TSE Calibration Certificate for topographic measuring instruments and equipment.