Rigol DS1054Z-HD Digital Oscilloscopes – Bandwidth: 50 Mhz




50 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels plus 12 Mpt memory and 1 GSa/sec sampling
Includes MPC-150Deluxe Multi-purpose Instrument and Accessory Case
The Number 1 Selling Oscilloscope of 2015

Rigol DS1054ZBest Selling OscilloscopeFind out with the DS1054Z is one of the top selling oscilloscopes in the WORLD since its release in September 2014. Read the reviews! Let
our customers tell you what they think of this unit. Schools love them, companies love them, students and home hobbyist love the DS1054Z. Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee
you cannot go wrong with this unit.DS1054Z Features 50 MHz Analog Bandwidth Total of 4 Analog Channels Maximum Waveform Capture Rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s Includes 4 RP2200 150
MHz Passive HighZ Probes Low noise floor USB Host for Thumb Drive Large 7 Display 12 Mpts of Memory – upgradeable to 24Customer FeedbackI have used the scope for basic
measurements so far, mostly audio signals and comparisons of such signals. It works well and the construction is as good as that of expensive top-brand items. The packaging was
adequate and protects the instrument well. RIGOL has tried hard to pass themselves as a decent company to buy equipment from and they have succeeded, at least with this scope. I
have used lots of lab equipment for many years in college labs and this would fit perfectly in every lab, given its low price, specifications and support. Highly recommended for
tight budgets and high expectationsCustomer Submitted ImageUltraVisionRigol’s innovative UltraVision technology provides a deeper memory depth of 12Mpts standard and is
upgradeable to 24 Mpts (with purchase of MEM-DS1000Z). The DS1054z also provides the ability to quickly focus in on certain piece of a recorded waveform.UltraVisionxFull
VisibilityxFull VisibilityThe large 7 display of the DS1054z, with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels makes it possible to view all channels on a single screen. This makes for
better usability and more efficient analysis.Ultra-fast


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